In 1925, Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air was nine years old. Our founder, Algernon Hugh Proudfoot (the great Uncle of current owner Hugh!), and his wife Hannah lived and operated this plumbing business from a house on 811 Ann St. A house that still stands today, not far from our current Proudfoot location. As we sit and think about that 811 home, we can’t help but smile in thinking about much the business has grown today. As we prepare for a week of gratitude and appreciation, let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how Proudfoot’s history has shaped the business it is today.

History of Homestead in 1925

Homestead in 1925 was much different than it is today. According to the 1925 edition of the Polk Directory, Homestead was “one of the world’s greatest steel centers”. The Homestead district consisted of about 44,000 people. There were 30 industrial plants employing 15,0000 people involved in manufacturing. This area was a leader in the production of iron, steel, engines, mill machinery, castings, car wheels, high-grade valves, axels, fire brisk, concrete blocks, tiles, cellar doors, iron fences, fire escapes, cigars, toys, violins, phonographs, and plumber’s supplies. Oh, and every Pittsburgher’s favorite winter accessory, ice!

Carnegie “Tech” to Carnegie Mellon

Algernon Proudfoot graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1914. Today, Carnegie Mellon University is a leading educational faculty. It’s innovative and groundbreaking programs have been preparing Pittsburgh to be the new center of robotics. It is also helping Pittsburgh become the leading center for game design, self-driving cars, and other major technologies. The days of Carnegie “Tech” producing trades professionals are long gone, but the pride and the dedication of our founder live on.

After World War II Hugh Williams, Sr. went to work with Algernon Proudfoot as an apprentice. In March of 1960, he purchased the company and managed Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air until 1992. His son, Hugh then took over the management of the company.

Family Through and Through

Through all these changes throughout Proudfoot’s history, it has remained one of the highest ethical and quality standard companies in the State. Hugh Williams, the owner, says that we have come a long way from since the early years. That’s because we are a company of good people, selling, and installing good products. Proudfoot operates in and serves the Pittsburgh area both in residential and commercial capacities.

Our maintenance and repair technicians continuously receive on-going training and education. They maintain a professional demeanor, and they are well-groomed with great respect for our customers, our Company, and themselves. Our in-house capabilities include complete plumbing & HVAC installation, associated piping & ducting, equipment replacement, plumbing & HVAC inspections and service repair of the same.  Residentially, we service all brands of equipment and also offer a full range of home comfort service programs and products.

The Gratitude of Proudfoot’s History

At Proudfoot, we concentrate our efforts and expertise to reduce our customers’ heating and cooling costs along with extending the useful life of the equipment. No matter the job or problem you encounter, you can always call on Proudfoot Plumbing, Heating, and Air. We’ll come out and we’ll have the job done quickly and with as little intrusion into your daily life as humanly possible! We want to say thank you for all of our loyal customers throughout the years who have helped this family business grow into the company it has. We wouldn’t be able to help others without your support and we are so grateful for it!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday!
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