Proudfoot wants service technicians who want to be respected

Are you Unappreciated?  Why not consider joining our team?

Why Proudfoot?

Respect for tradition

Our ’58 Chevy Truck still runs as well as it did back in the day. Like our customers, we believe in the importance of maintenance. When we show up at your home or business, it’s with one of our fleet of clean Nissan Trucks.

Locally Located

Our customers, concentrated in Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, and surrounding areas of Pittsburgh, are handy to our shop, which is not far from where our founder started our business in 1916.

Collaborative Effort

Our staff members support each other and learn from one another.

Do you have these attributes?

At Proudfoot, we’re looking for team members who are skilled and bring a bright spark of positivity and professionalism to everything they do. A neat appearance matters to us; it mirrors our commitment to excellence. We value a positive attitude because it makes our workplace a happier and more productive space for everyone. A great listener is essential —it helps us understand and meet our client’s needs. Technical skills?  They are necessary because they empower us to face challenges head-on. But it’s not all about following the rules; we love it when someone’s eager to learn and understand the why behind the work, showing respect for the process, the people we work alongside, and ourselves. If this sounds like you, you might be the perfect fit for our team.

Do you want more responsibility?

Driven by a deep commitment to excellence, you seek more responsibility where time is allotted to ensure tasks are completed precisely, signaling a clear path for your career advancement. Respect from leadership and the flexibility to diversify your skills across HVAC and plumbing are crucial for your professional growth. Working with a customer base that values quality and craftsmanship fuels your motivation, making an environment where your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated the ideal setting for thriving.


We pride ourselves on offering a benefits package that stands out in the industry, starting with an above-industry salary and health insurance to ensure your well-being. Growth opportunities are plentiful, supported by access to new, clean, well-maintained trucks, state-of-the-art tools, and educational opportunities to enhance your skills. Our mentoring program further enriches your professional journey, fostering a supportive environment where you can thrive and excel. Together, these benefits underscore our commitment to your success and satisfaction in a rewarding workplace.

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At Proudfoot Plumbing, Heating, and Air we are here to help you find a long-term career with a locally trusted service provider.  Our five-star reviews are real and they come from employees that love what they do and are encouraged to learn and develop new skills.

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