Proudfoot Maintenance Plans for HVAC

Protect your equipment’s functioning by taking care of it prior to each season

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans

As our homes age, so do our heating and cooling systems.  It is important to perform preventative maintenance before each heating and/or cooling season.   The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your heating and cooling system working when you really need it.  Just like squirrels putting away nuts for the winter, it is best to make sure you have heat before the temperatures drop to below zero and cooling before it hits 90.

Are Tune-Ups worth it?

Tune-ups restore much of the Heating and/or AC unit’s lost efficiency and capacity. Additionally, regular preventative maintenance improves reliability by catching problems before they lead to failures.  It always helps to have an expert look at your heating and cooling units before each season to identify any hidden problems like cracked manifold, or heat exchanger.  Service technicians will also make sure your air cleaners and – or humidifier are operating properly.

Benefits of Proudfoot Maintenance Plans

We operate with the following principles

  • Show up when we say we are going to show up
  • Act as a guest in your home
  • Leave your home cleaner than when we arrived
  • Give you options for repair or replacement
  • Fix the problems that you called on us to fix – completely

Schedule Service

At Proudfoot Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we are here to help you and are happy to process your scheduling request by email if that is your preference. Please indicate what service area you require in your request, and we will get back to you within one business day of receiving it.

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