Proudfoot Provides Pittsburgh Plumbing Repair

Whether your home is brand new or a classic we have you covered

Needing Plumbing Repairs can drive your crazy

Plumbing Problems need prompt attention.  Not only can dripping faucets drive you crazy when you are trying to get to sleep.  But plumbing problems can also affect the quality of your health.  Small leaks and easily cause mold to start growing in hidden areas of your home.  This mold can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergies. Don’t delay, call Proudfoot today to solve your plumbing repair problem while it is still small.

The Proudfoot Plumbing Repairs Difference

At Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air, we know how plumbing repairs can be unexpected. A clogged drain, dripping faucet, or backed-up sewer seem to happen at the worst times. Our highly skilled plumbers will diagnose and solve your problems. No more worries! Also, our fully stocked trucks make it so repairs can be done immediately. Service is done right the first time!

Benefits of Proudfoot Plumbing

We operate with the following principles

  • Show up when we say we are going to show up
  • Act as a guest in your home
  • Leave your home cleaner than when we arrived
  • Give you options for repair or replacement
  • Fix the problems that you called on us to fix – completely

Proudfoot offers special financing

At Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air, we know how plumbing repairs can cost more than you have in your bank account. That is why we have partnered with a local bank in Pittsburgh to offer you a great deal.

Proudfoot Plumbing Heating & Air refers its customers to the following quality lender for their financing.  Click here for more details and enter Promo Code 0039-3759:

Schedule Service

At Proudfoot Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we are here to help you and are happy to process your scheduling request by email if that is your preference. Please indicate what service area you require in your request, and we will get back to you within one business day of receiving it.

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