Buying a Mini-Ductless AC or Heat Pump System


You Might Have Some Questions I got to thinking the other day while headed to a scheduled appointment. What are the things you need to know before buying a mini-ductless ac system? What are the questions might people ask if they’ve never had one before? Installing these systems is a [...]

Buying a Mini-Ductless AC or Heat Pump System2021-07-28T19:59:52-05:00

Mini-Ductless Units: Efficient Additional Cooling


Mini-ductless units. Does your home have rooms that get really cold?  Over the summer, did you freeze on the first floor so your bedroom on the second-floor was cool enough to sleep in?  Do you have a window air conditioner that wakes you up? Especially as it cycles on and [...]

Mini-Ductless Units: Efficient Additional Cooling2021-07-28T23:49:36-05:00

Setback Thermostat: Install It Yourself


How to install set-back thermostats to save on your heating and cooling costs.  A few weeks ago we covered smart thermostats. Today we will cover the more conventional setback thermostat. Would you like to save money on your heating and cooling monthly bills?  Well, who wouldn’t…! Thermostats control heating and cooling appliances [...]

Setback Thermostat: Install It Yourself2021-07-29T00:00:18-05:00

Hot Water Radiators: How to Bleed Them


Hot Water Radiators. “Second winter” is upon us and we are trying to get ready for the home heating season.  In fact, it’s about to get pretty chilly here in the ‘Burgh. So we thought it was a good idea to talk about what to do when you are not [...]

Hot Water Radiators: How to Bleed Them2021-07-29T11:08:51-05:00

Smart Thermostat Systems: Are They Safe and Smart?


Smart Thermostat Systems. There is a lot of noise today in the news about the hacking of the “Internet of things”.  And many people immediately think that smart thermostats have to be connected to the Internet. They can and there are many new tools to keep your home secure. This [...]

Smart Thermostat Systems: Are They Safe and Smart?2021-07-29T11:11:46-05:00
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