Does Your Home Have a Water Heater?

Silly question, of course!  Every home has at least one water heater; at least all of the homes that I know of, do.  Some of you may know, most water heaters these days are tank water heaters. As opposed to the newer tank less water heaters, which give you a supply of hot water almost instantaneously.  The tank-less type are generally more expensive to install and should have maintenance performed at least once a year, which is probably why most folks have the tank style water heater. But how do you going about choosing a service provider for this task? It’s good to know that we here at Proudfoot can install either of these types of water heaters as well as being able to maintain them both.

Question is, what does one look for in a service provider when needing a tank water heater install?

Choosing a Service Provider

Certainly, you’ll be looking for someone who can be responsive in a very timely manner.  It seems that most folks only have their water heater replaced in a so called emergency situation; that is, when they all of a sudden, don’t have hot water!  So, you’ll need someone that say would come out that same day once you realize your supply of hot water has gone away.  Who wants to take a cold shower for a couple of days in a row?!

At Proudfoot, we realize emergency situations exist with plumbing and HVAC.  And while this is not “life or death” to not have hot water, some people may think of it as such.  For one of the guys that works for me, his wife may think of this as an emergency situation! Proudfoot understands this, and can respond that same day to your need for hot water.

Our Experience

We have years and years of experience in replacing hot water tanks quickly.  We can be in and out of your home within 2 to 3 hours in some cases and have the new water tank installation complete!

And one of the main reasons to choose us as your hot water tank supplier and installer is that we will be there for you just in case something might go awry.  There may be that slight chance that something isn’t exactly as it should be at the completion of an installation, even though we would check the new tank’s operation to make sure it’s functioning properly.  If something does go awry, we will be right back at your home correcting the problem to your complete satisfaction.  You can count on us!

Another reason for choosing Proudfoot as your service provider/installer for water tanks is that even if you suspect there is a problem, we will come to your home and assess the situation and give you options on what might be the best way to proceed from here when considering a possible repair, or we can discuss with you the possibility of postponing such a repair, if the funds are not currently available.

Some Causes for a Leaky Water Heater

Typically, corrosion is the culprit.  Once a hot water tank starts to leak water from the bottom, it’s time to replace the water heater.  The inside of the tank eventually corrodes from mineral deposits and from the constant strain of heating and cooling (expansion/contraction).  There really is no way to repair a leaking tank.  The solution is a simple one; replace the tank.   Although a leaking hot water tank problem cannot be avoided, it can possibly be postponed, so to speak, by simply draining water off the bottom of your hot water tank periodically.  This will rid your tank of a significant amount of the deposits that will build up over time inside the tank and extend the life of your hot water tank.  No matter what you do though, eventually  every hot water tank will leak.

In Summary

So, when your tank is leaking, even a little, call us.  We’ll come out and take a look at things for you; and if you need a new tank, we’ll have it installed in a jiff.  And we’ll be there for you if you have any additional problems.  We will not give up until your hot water tank is installed properly and works properly.  We want you to be satisfied with our services.  That’s why we think you should choose us as your service provider for a new hot water tank installation, as well as many other of our services too.

We here at Proudfoot believe we can solve any of your plumbing or heating problems the fastest and most efficient and cost effective way possible. So give us a call if you want anything in your home or basement checked out (1-412-461-2198). Or contact our team here!

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