Many of you may ask, what is “full-service plumbing” these days; that is since there are quite a few folks that take on plumbing tasks themselves now.  With the onset of a substantial number of “do it yourself”, one might think that the number of full-service plumbing companies may have decreased.

On the contrary, it appears that more plumbing companies than ever seem to be popping up.

As more and more families are now earning two incomes, the number of new homes being built has increased.  Therefore, the need for more plumbers has increased, including the need for commercial plumbing.  More businesses are being created and existing businesses are expanding with the increase in personal income and spending.

What does a full-service plumbing mean?

What exactly do full-service plumbers do? They do everything!  Everything from fixing leaky or “running” toilets to doing large jobs like installing a new sewage/sewer line for your home is part of a full-service plumbers repertoire, and also providing for emergency plumbing services.  For instance, repairing a burst water line that has frozen in the cold temperatures of our region would be part of an emergency repair plumbing.

Some plumbing companies may simply offer drain services to clean out your main sewer line.  Others may have other specialties such as a toilet or faucet repair.  But a full-service plumbing company will offer any kind of service that has to do with moving water in your home.

A listing of services from a full-service plumbing company should include the following:

Bathroom repair and installation:

  • Toilet repair or replacement
  • Faucet repair or replacement
  • Installing a new showerhead

Kitchen and kitchen appliance repair and installation:

  • Replacing your garbage disposal
  • Investigating what could be wrong with your dishwasher, and making possible plumbing repairs to it or making a recommendation on replacement
  • Kitchen faucet repair or replacement

Major home plumbing repair, planned or due to an emergency:

  • Replacing or repairing leaky or frozen, burst pipes
  • Installing a new sink, bathtub or shower, and rerouting any drain/vent lines or water supply lines necessary for doing this work
  • Installing an indoor French drain system and sump pump in your basement or garage to avoid water build up

Outside plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance:

  • Faucet repair outside of your home
  • Winterizing your sprinkler system
  • Clearing your main sewer line, out “to the street”
  • Clearing your French drain for your downspouts or in your yard, or reinstalling damaged or missing sections of downspout
  • Installing an outdoor French drain for your yard if necessary including excavation and replacement of soil
  • Installing a new underground water supply line from the “street” into your home if you have an incoming water supply line leak

Gas line installation planned or due to an emergency:

  • Installing a new gas line from the street to your house if your existing line is found to have a leak, again including excavation and replacement of soil
  • Installing a new gas line to/for your fireplace inside, or for an outdoor fire pit

Outside plumbing repair required by local authorities:

  • Separating your sewage line from your stormwater line to meet local government codes
  • Raising up your outdoor vent pipe for your main sewage line in your driveway or another area for avoiding the mixing in of stormwater, required by a number of local governmental authorities
  • And do all interfacing with local governmental authorities for any installation of underground gas, water or sewage lines when necessary

Laundry room area plumbing installation and maintenance:

  • Hot water tank and interconnecting piping replacement
  • Main water supply valves or any auxiliary valves such as going to your washing machine replacement
  • Installation of a new tankless water heater and offer regular maintenance

Other items that should be on a full-service plumbing company’s list might include doing repair work on your boiler and/or radiators (in mostly in older homes) or installing an underfloor radiant heat water system through pipes carrying hot water embedded in or directly below the floor of your bathroom or kitchen.

In general, a full-service plumbing company should do investigative work when you know something is wrong with your plumbing, but you just can’t seem to determine what it is.

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