Furnace repair. Well, it is the “dog days” of summer here in Pittsburgh!  I’m not quite sure why they call them the dog days. Because not too many dogs that I know of want to be outside in the heat!  I know, not a good joke!  Maybe we’re just ready for some cooler weather. And with that said, now is the time. The time for thinking about how my furnace might operate this coming winter.  Perhaps a maintenance checkup/inspection would be in good order in the very near future…..

Granted, it’s hot right now, but in just two or three months, you’ll most likely be using your furnace, or that is whatever means you use to heat your home in the winter months.

A Service Agreement?

We here at Proudfoot have an on-going program for our customers that takes the worry out of your heating (and also air conditioning) needs.  As part of our late summer regular maintenance program, we will be checking out several of our customers’ furnaces all over the area.  We can let you know if your furnace is in good working order to endure the upcoming winter season!         

What’s Involved in a Furnace Repair Check Up?

Let’s begin by discussing what’s involved with a furnace repair check up…..

Heating systems, in general, are usually trouble-free and easy to maintain.  Efficient operation is a function of good regular maintenance.  No matter what type of furnace you have, there are several things that you, yourself can do to keep your heating system in tip top condition. When a heating system malfunctions, any one of its three components may be causing the problem. This includes heat source, distribution system, or the thermostat.

Fuel may not be reaching the unit.  If the fuel is gas or oil, it may not be igniting.  If the furnace turns on but the warm air isn’t reaching the rooms of your home, the problem is likely to be the blower or distribution system.  And a faulty control, or thermostat, could keep the system from turning on or could cause it to turn on and off repeatedly. The heat source is the part most likely to suffer from neglect.  Whatever heat source your system uses, give it regular attention to prevent problems.

And dirt is the biggest enemy of your home’s heating system.  It can waste fuel and drastically lower efficiency.  Dirt affects all three basic components of the system, so cleaning is one of the most important parts of regular maintenance.  Lubrication (if required) and furnace motor/blower belt adjustment are also very important.

The most critical item of a furnace check up is to make sure the heat exchanger has no leaks.  If there is leakage, it could mean that carbon monoxide is seeping into your home.

Furnace Repair: Should I Do it on My Own?

Whatever the problem is, if you’re looking to try to do furnace repair yourself, start by looking into the simplest of procedures.  All it takes is patience and common sense.  But before you start work on a heating system on your own, you should take some preliminary steps:

Make sure the unit is receiving power.  Look for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers at the main electrical panel.  Some furnaces have a separate power panel, usually located near the main electrical panel.  Some furnaces have fuses mounted in or on the unit.

If the furnace has quit working and the unit has a reset button, marked RESET and near the motor housing, wait at least 30 minutes from when the furnace quit working, in order to allow the motor to cool, and then press the reset button.  If the unit still doesn’t start, wait 30 minutes more and press the reset button again.  You can repeat at least once more if you wish.  And if the unit has a separate power switch, make sure that the switch is turned on.

If no success with the above, check to make sure the thermostat is properly set.  And raise the setting 5º if necessary.

If the unit uses gas, check to make sure the gas supply is turned on and the pilot light (if your furnace has one) is lit. And if it uses oil, check to make sure there is an adequate supply of oil.

Safety First!

All these things are probably common sense; however, there are also several important safety factors to remember:

Before doing any work on any type of heating (or cooling) system, make sure all power to the system is turned off.   At the main electrical panel, trip the circuit breaker or remove the fuse that controls the power to the unit.

If the fuse blows or the circuit trips repeatedly when the furnace turns on, there is a problem in the electrical system.  In this case, do not try to fix the furnace yourself. As you should call in a professional service person.

If the unit uses gas and there is a smell of gas in your home, do not try to shut off the gas or turn any lights on or off.  Get out of the house, leave the door open, and call the gas company.  They will most likely shut your gas off. But, this is better than the alternative.  Proudfoot can track down and repair that gas leak and get you up and operating again in quick order.

To keep your heating system in good shape, you should have it professionally serviced once a year.  And, as you know, the best time to have your furnace serviced is right now, in the summer.  Because this is the off-season, service is more likely to be prompt.  At Proudfoot, we’re always prompt!

Choosing the Right Service Provider for Furnace Repair

At Proudfoot, we realize that there are many different types of furnace configurations.  And when it comes to furnaces, we’ve repaired all kinds. And we pride ourselves in coming up with the most cost effective solutions.  If it only needs repaired or cleaned, we will not replace your furnace. We’ll simply make those repairs or adjust it.  Hopefully, this will result in a significant cost savings for you.  If something needs replaced vs. repaired, we’ll let you know and we’ll give you the different options for the different kinds of furnace replacements.  We’ll make recommendations for you.

Our techs have experience in the repair and replacement of many different types of furnaces.  We can have your heat back on quickly, sometimes within a couple of hours, depending on the type of furnace problem. And as you already know, we always check and recheck our work.  If there is a problem, we’ll be back at your home correcting it!

In Summary

So, when you want to make sure your furnace is in good working order for the coming winter season, call us.  We’ll come out, perform your furnace check up/inspection and, if needed, we’ll have any repairs or a replacement done as quickly as possible!  That’s why we think you should choose us.  Call us at 1-412-461-2198 or contact us here! We hope to see you soon for a check up; remember it’s that time of year to begin thinking about your furnace!  Thanks!





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