Do you love dogs as much as we do?

Every pet owner knows the dreaded feeling of having to wash their furry friend. Between the pet trying to dry off and the hair causing a clog in the drain leads to a bathroom mess.

At Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air we, like many of our customers, love our dogs.  But there are some things we recommend doing to keep our special friend’s hair out of the drains. After you have just cleaned your pet, the hair slowly goes the drain and can create clogs.

Protect your drain pipe

Avoiding the tub to wash the pet is the easiest way to prevent a clog. If that is not possible, protect the drainpipe beforehand. Using a hair catcher over the drain is sufficient for any animal with long, coarse hair. This method defers with a thin or fine-haired animal. The small hairs can surpass the hair catcher for some breeds.

The baby wipe method

Using a baby wipe as a filter for the drain allows catching any fine hair that could pass by. Place a baby wipe over the drain area, then insert the plug. Once your pet is clean, hold the wipe flat as you pull the plug. Dispose of the wipe afterward and voila, no mess.

These at-home tricks are sufficient to do the job, but if you have a clogged drain or need an extra hand, please check this page out for more information about our plumbing services or reach out to us on the form below.

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