Mini-ductless units. Does your home have rooms that get really cold?  Over the summer, did you freeze on the first floor so your bedroom on the second-floor was cool enough to sleep in?  Do you have a window air conditioner that wakes you up? Especially as it cycles on and off in the middle of the night?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then mini-ductless units might be your answer.

Customer’s Call for Mini-Ductless Units

Mini-ductless units. Last summer we talked to a customer about the possibility of switching. We had a call recently from a prospective customer in Pittsburgh’s Southside. He had a problem with a window air conditioning unit.  We were told that his AC window unit actually fell out of his window late last summer!  Since it was getting to the end of another cooling season and onto the then-upcoming Steeler football season, the homeowner elected to endure the short remainder of the summer season without air conditioning.

Now, trying to be a little ahead of “the game”, with the football season being over (thank God the Patriots did not win the SB!), the homeowner called us and asked if there was a better way to cool his home.  He didn’t really want to go through the inconvenience of installing whole house air conditioning, but also wanted to stay away from another window AC unit.  He was searching for a better solution to his problem.

Mini-Ductless Units: Better Installation and Efficiency

After listening to our prospective customer’s “groaning” about the Steeler loss to Jacksonville, Hugh suggested the installation of a Mitsubishi ductless system (by the way, Hugh is a great listener!).

He explained that there is no need to install the necessary ducting required for whole house air conditioning, but only the putting in place of what’s called a “line set” on the outside of your home with these ductless units.  All one needs is an outdoor unit, the line set, and an indoor unit.  “And I don’t have to ‘screw’ around with the windows anymore”, thought the homeowner.

Hugh told the homeowner of another instance where a window AC unit had actually been pushed in, with that particular window then being used by a criminal to gain access to the home.  With that in mind, the homeowner decided to go for it!

Also, a window AC unit can use up to 40% more energy than it’s equivalent Mitsubishi ductless cooling system according to a recent seminar that Hugh attended on these ductless units.

How a Mini-Ductless Unit Works

A mini-ductless split air conditioner works like a regular central air conditioner but without the ducts.  The indoor unit blows warm air from your home over cold evaporator coils.  The refrigerant running through these coils absorbs the heat from the air. And it brings it to the outside unit. This is where the refrigerant dumps all the heat is pulled from your home’s air.

Now in a regular split system air conditioner, the indoor unit is typically in the attic or closet or could be part of your furnace.  Ducts carry your home’s air to this central location. It is here where it is cooled and then returned to your home via more ducting. But in mini-ductless units, the smaller indoor unit is actually in the room it’s cooling. The indoor unit being in the room eliminates the need for air ducts.  The indoor unit simply pulls in warm air from the room it’s in and blows cold air right back into the room.

Bonus: Convenient and Space Saving

The indoor unit is positioned up high on one of the four walls, “out of the way”.  And control of the unit is done remotely. It is done with a hand-held remote controller, just like your TV remote.  And the indoor unit doesn’t really interfere with any furniture positioning in the room such as to which you might have to pay attention when using a window AC unit.  Wouldn’t want to place anything in front of it!  Same as you would have to keep the vents clear of furniture with a whole house AC system.

Additional Mini-Ductless Units Advantages 

The installation time for a Mitsubishi ductless is much shorter than it would be for a whole house AC installation. Not to mention is has much less mess and fuss. And if installing a unit for just one or two rooms that previously had window units, they will certainly be less noisy.  In fact, you might not even know the ductless units are operating at all, except when you notice how cool your room is during those hot mid-summer “dog” days!

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