Both of these air conditioning refrigerants, R22 and 410A, are in common use throughout the world. The refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air in your home. Without it, your air conditioner can’t change the temperature of the air. In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency began phasing out R22 air conditioning refrigerant.R22 refrigerant is also known as Freon and will become completely gone in the year 2030. R410A, commonly known as Puron, will be the replacement for Freon. This change can affect a number of things, including the cost of upkeep and performance.

So what are the differences between R-22 and R410?

R-22 Coolant

  • R-22 is a single chemical compound called, “chlorodifluoromethane”. A leak can be “topped off” without negative effect, the leak should be repaired but a “top off” is allowed on residential equipment.
  • The refrigerant can be charged in either liquid or vapor modes.
  • The quantity of R-22 is restricted each year due to the chemical makeup of this refrigerant.
  • R-22 contains a small amount of the element Chlorine which damages the upper-level Ozone layer in the stratosphere.
  • The price of R-22 has reached a price increase of some 400% in the last two years.
  • On Jan. 1, 2020, R22 will become completely illegal. It will no longer be manufactured in the United States or imported.

R410 Coolant

  • R410a is a mix of three chemicals, each with a differing pressure and a different size molecule.
  • If a leak occurs, the three components leak at a different rate therefore charging must be accomplished in the liquid mode and no top off is allowed.
  • It is more fluid in temperature-changing abilities, so it does a better job heating or cooling your house quickly.
  • R410A is not a hydrochlorofluorocarbon like R-22 is.
  • R410A is able to absorb and release heat better than R22, making it more energy-efficient.

Even if R22 wasn’t being phased out, the improvements shown by R410A are enough on their own to warrant the changeover. With R22 negatively impacting the ozone, price increase, and longer temperature rise timing, R410A is a safer unit. Looking at all these factors combined, it’s easy to see why making the jump to a new unit is such a good idea.  Check this page out for more information about our cooling services or reach out to us on the form below.

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