Have you ever experienced shower head leaking? Nothing seems worse at two in the morning when you can not sleep and your shower head is leaking. If you are one of those folks that have a decorative escutcheon knob on your bathtub shower that turns the water off and on as well as increasing the heat, did you ever have a problem with the water continuing to dribble out after turning the knob to the complete off position creating shower head leaking?

This could mean that the knob, which is made out of plastic, could have a cracked “tab” or “stop” inside from its constant use.  Turns out replacing this escutcheon knob is relatively easy.

Shower Head Leaking: Replacing the Escutcheon Knob

Remove escutcheon shower knob by first prying off the knob cover gently with a flat head screwdriver.  There should be a slot on the cover where it fits into the knob face for use in “popping” the cover off.

Next, remove the screw in the center of the knob with a Philips head screwdriver.  Remove the knob.  Make sure that your new knob is identical to the old knob with its tabs/stops in the same location.

Install the new escutcheon shower knob over the “stop tube” (sticking out of the shower wall) carefully.  Line up the hole and reinstall the screw by tightening clockwise.  Then, “pop” the knob cover back into place.

Another Problem…

Another problem that might occur in this same area is that you could have leakage behind the escutcheon “face” plate next to the wall of the shower.  You may see a small watermark on your ceiling directly below your upstairs bathroom.  You can seal this with silicone where the plate meets the wall of the shower, OR you could simply replace the existing escutcheon faceplate with a new one.  This is a better solution and will look much “cleaner” when finished.

Steps to Fix It

Start by removing the shower knob as indicated above.  Once the knob is removed, remove the escutcheon plate by removing two screws near the center of the plate.  Then slowly pull straight out on the escutcheon plate to remove it.

Now, slide the new escutcheon plate over the “stop tube” (sticking out of the shower wall) carefully.  The new escutcheon plate has a foam seal on the back of it to keep moisture from getting behind the plate.

Next, line up the holes and reinstall the two screws.  Be careful not to over tighten these screws as this may put a dent into the new escutcheon plate which could cause the seal on the back side of the plate to leak again.  After that, simply install the escutcheon shower knob, again as indicated above.

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