What ten things should you not put down your garbage disposal?

Last month we discussed why your garbage disposal might be leaking. This month we want to discuss what you should never put down your garbage disposal. One of the keys to keeping your garbage disposal working longer is to use it properly. Here are ten things you should not put down your garbage disposal.

1. Coffee Grounds

Although the finely milled grounds may seem innocent to dispose of, they will only hurt the disposal. Once the grounds mix with water and form a dense wad, it can lead to forming in the drain. The build-up of sediment can lead to a clog down the road.

2. Bones

The disposable is not made to handle any exceptionally hard items to break down. Any type of bone will just be spun around by the blades, not dismantled.

3. Pasta

A few pieces of Mac and cheese dropped down the disposal won’t do any damage. But anything more can lead to a clog. The pasta will expand once it meets the water and lead to a blockage. Run cold water down the drain if you do happen to dump any type of bread or pasta.

4. Grease and Oil

It is better to dispose of any fatty oil into the garbage can over the disposal. The plumbing system is unable to break down the thick liquids, which will coat the drain pipe. Leading to a plumber’s worst enemy.

5. Nuts

Avoid disposing of any type of nut to avoid making a peanut butter mess down the drain. The garbage disposal will try to blend the nuts as much as they can and create a blockage in the pipe.

6. Egg Shells

Although you can dispose of eggshells in the drain, it is not in the best interest of the longevity of your disposal to do so. The eggshells contain a thin cell membrane that can get lodged in the drain. It is beneficial to just throw out the shells in the garbage can over the disposal.

7. Onion Skins

The optimal way to get rid of the skins is to cut off the outermost layer into a trash can first. There is a thin layer underneath the outer-most layer of skin that can pass by the blades and become stuck in the drain. Avoid any blockage by simply dropping the layer in the trash before putting it down the disposal.

8. Potato Peels

Similar to why eggshells should be avoided, potato peels are thin enough to be caught in the drain. The starchy vegetable can create a thick, soupy disaster in the bottom of the drain.

9. Fruit Pits

The dense pits are unable to be grinned up by the disposal. They are small and round shape makes it difficult for the disposal blades to break down.

10. Celery

Celery is a tricky vegetable that can get wrapped up around the disposal’s blades. The stringy material of celery can end up clogging the drain.

Need to replace your garbage disposal?

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