Of all the features available in high-efficient and high-performance furnaces, variable speed is one of the most beneficial. Variable speed furnaces provide high efficiency and comfort. Most blower fans on furnaces run at a constant speed and are either on or off. Variable speed will increase or decrease fan speed to meet heating needs. Today we’re going to take a look at how this blower works and some of the best advantages of installing a variable speed furnace in your home!

How are They Different?

In low-efficiency furnaces, the blower motor only operates at one speed. This speed is programmed before the furnace is installed. That means that if two homes were to install the same model of furnace, their air handles would operate at the same high speed. They would still run at the same high speed even if their airflow requirements were dramatically different.

A variable speed furnace, as you might have guessed, operates at variable speeds. This allows the furnace to adapt to the airflow requirements of a home at any given time. The blower will always operate at the lowest required speed and adjust to a higher speed when more airflow is needed.

The Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace

Lower Energy Costs

Because the furnace is continually adapting to airflow requirements, it never overworks itself. Variable-speed furnaces regulate operations to meet heating needs. They consume less energy than their single-speed counterparts. This leads to lower operating costs throughout your furnace’s lifetime.

Quiet Operation

The fan runs at lower speeds making a quieter atmosphere in your home.

Constant Circulation of Air

These furnaces push air thru the furnace filter to remove particulates. This process improves air quality.

Improved Temperature and Humidity Control

Variable-speed furnaces maintain indoor air temperature with precision. One speed furnaces cannot do this. The traditional furnace gets to temperature and then shuts off until the temperature drops again. A variable-speed blower operates more consistently and more often than a single-speed blower. This allows your home’s air to cycle through your humidifier more often, which leads to better indoor humidity control.

Lower Chance of Breakdowns and Longer Operating Life

A variable-speed blower does not cycle on and off. It especially doesn’t as often as a furnace with a single-speed blower. This puts less stress on your system, which helps decrease the chance of breakdowns. Variable-speed furnaces also tend to last longer because they go acquire less daily damages.

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