Toilet repair. Have you ever heard that annoying hissing sound coming from inside of your downstairs toilet tank? Maybe it’s just beginning to make that hissing sound? Or maybe you just had your upstairs toilet replaced after it wasn’t working for a month or so.  Toilets always seem to have some kind of problem.  And it seems like you are always dealing with a toilet problem these days since most of us now have more than one. Is it possible to make the toilet repair on your own? Or should you hire someone to do it for you? Let’s learn about toilet repair so you don’t get flushed by a service provider!

Different Types of Toilet Internals

There are a few different types of toilet tank internals about which you might want to know.  In most cases, the hissing or “running” (more commonly referred to as…..) is usually caused by the toilet fill valve. And in some cases, the toilet flapper.  The toilet’s fill valve can be a “floatless” type, or it can be a float cup type fill valve.  Sometimes the fill valves can be adjusted without having to replace them.  Other times, it just seems simpler to replace the entire fill valve.  Adjusting the fill valves can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The toilet’s flapper valve can have the flapper attached to the pegs on the sides of the flush valve tube; this being the most common toilet configuration.  If this is how your toilet is built, you will need to cut off the ring on the back of the new flapper in order to replace it; the ring won’t be needed.

If your flush valve tube doesn’t have the side pegs for the flapper, you will need to use the ring to slide the flapper into place over the overflow tube.

Toilet Repair: Replacing it on Your Own

There are any number of websites that will show you how to adjust or replace the fill valve, and how to replace the flapper valve.  Some are better, some not quite as good.  Home Depot, Walmart and are some that can guide you in doing your own work in this area.

As you can easily see, there are different types of configurations for the toilet’s internal valves, all of which can lead to solving your toilet’s hissing problems; that is, if you choose the correct one.  This is where Proudfoot comes in!  You can always try it yourself, and if it doesn’t quite work out for you, then you can call us!  We will certainly be glad to help.

Question is, what does one look for in a service provider when needing help with toilet repair? And worse, what if it needs replaced entirely? As your service provider, we here at Proudfoot will always attempt to understand your needs.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

At Proudfoot, we realize that there are many different types of internal toilet repair configurations.  And when it comes to plumbing, we’ve repaired all kinds. And we pride ourselves in coming up with the most cost effective solutions for your plumbing needs.  If it only needs an adjustment and doesn’t need replaced, we will not replace it; we’ll adjust it.  Hopefully, this will result in a significant cost savings for you.  If something needs replaced, we’ll let you know and we’ll give you the different options for the different kinds of replacements.  You may want to replace your toilet with a new, higher grade brand that could have a better warranty period.  We will make recommendations for you.

Our techs have years of experience in the repair and replacement of the different types of toilet internals.  We can have that hissing sound silenced in a matter of a couple of hours. And as you already know, we always check and recheck our work.  If there is a problem because that hissing sound didn’t go away, we’ll be back at your home correcting it!

In summary

So, when you have an annoying hissing toilet needing repair that you don’t want to “tackle”, call us.  We’ll come out and we’ll have the repair or replacement done quickly and with as little intrusion into your daily life as humanly possible!  That’s why we think you should choose us.  Call us at 1-412-461-2198.  We hope to see you soon; that is, only if you have that annoying hissing sound coming from your bathroom, or, for any plumbing or heating/AC problems!  Thanks!



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