Are you dealing with a bad sewer? Even if your home is relatively new, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe from old sewer piping. With traditional trenching, you’re often forced into a number of costly items. This includes costs to dig up the street in front of your home to traffic to be rerouted or for any repairs to any city-owned property or main sewer lines. This can range from a few thousand dollars to $20,000 or more. However, there may be a better option known as trenchless sewer lining.

Trenchless Sewer Lining

Sewer lining has been on the market now about 10-15 years. A lot of people are not aware of this option. The most common types of trenchless sewer line replacement are pipe lining and pipe bursting. Trenchless sewer lining involves no digging. Rather, a flexible tube coated with resin is pulled through the damaged pipe and inflated. The resin then hardens and forms a new pipe that is very durable.

Trenchless sewer pipe replacement can certainly help you avoid the disruption and costs associated with digging long trenches in your yard. And is often much less costly sometimes half the cost and no mess/cleanup of yard. Trenchless sewer lining is a long-term solution for leaks, breaks, blockages, root intrusion, calcium build-up, water damage, mold, sewer backups, and flow capacity.

Trenchless Seem Like a Good Option for You?

As a trenchless technology, the lining does not require excavation in order to fix an old or broken pipeline. This is just one persistent problem that can occur every year with certain aging facilities or residential homes.

Even if your home is relatively new, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from old sewer issues. Could trenchless sewer lining be the right option for you?

With this in mind, anyone considering trenchless sewer replacement should verify that the contractor has significant experience doing it and has been trained by both the trenchless equipment manufacturer and the pipe material manufacturer. You can always call on Proudfoot Plumbing, Heating, and Air for more information. We’ll come out and we’ll have the repair done quickly and with as little intrusion into your daily life as humanly possible! That’s why we think you should choose us. Call us at 1-412-461-2198 or contact us here! We hope to see you soon; that is, only if you need help with trenchless sewer lining!

For more on trenchless sewer systems, go to this YouTube video.

* Please note: In some situations, central access to the sewer must be gained by digging one spot
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