As water lines age, they begin to become damaged and more susceptible to problems. They can become more vulnerable to the effects of extreme temperatures, ground movement, water pressure, and mineral buildup. They can even be affected by tree root intrusion. A damaged water line is cause for concern as even though the problems may seem minor at first, they can quickly lead to trouble. What begins as a lack of water pressure or discolored water can quickly create the perfect culture for toxic mold, mildew, spores, and pest infestation to manifest.

Unfortunately, replacing these damaged water lines can be extremely costly. And to make matters worse, sometimes the replacement process can create even more problems. The typical water line replacement consists of digging up your yard and creating a huge mess. To make room for the new line,  the landscaping above the existing line must be removed. But thanks to technology, there’s a new method in town:

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

The trenchless water line replacement method is significantly less intrusive than traditional methods. This technology actually has the ability to repair nearly any plumbing problem. Trenchless water line replacement is the most resource friendly approach as it saves you time, money, and your sanity. Not to mention, your neighbors will be sure to appreciate the lack of noise, unappealing lawn, and other disturbances that could potentially arise by doing it the old-fashioned way! This process is typically completed in a few hours and keeps your yard from becoming a trench zone. Another added benefit is that with trenchless water line replacement also comes a longer water pipe life span. Meaning you won’t have to go through this process again anytime soon!

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