Leaks are gut-wrenching for any property owner. But in all cases, addressing them as soon as possible is key to preventing further damage. Here are some tips and information to help you manage a water leak in your home.

Where Do I Shut Off the Water?

The first thing you’ll need to do is shut off the water so that no more can leak. You’ll need to identify the source to make sure you shut off the right line. Here are a few pointers:

  • If the leak is continual – no matter where anyone is, it is most likely a waterline piping leak.
  • If it seems that the leak only occurs when someone uses the bathroom (toilet, sink, shower), it is most likely the drain line.
  • Leaks that come through the ceiling during a downpour is most likely caused by a faulty roof.

Do Your Best to Stop the Water

If you have been able to find the source, do your best to stop the waterline. The type of water leak will dictate the way you should stop the water.

  • Leaky Plumbing Pipes: If the ceiling leak comes from a plumbing pipe, shut off the main water line for a temporary solution.
  • Appliance/Bathroom Leaks: Avoid use until you can repair the source of the leak.
  • Roof or Gutter Leaks: Getting your roof or gutter to quit leaking is a bit more difficult due to varying weather. The more it rains and storms, the more water you’re going to get. Your only option is to repair the leak.

How Do I Drain the House?

The laundry tray in the basement is usually the lowest point in the house (although there are cases of some being on the second floor of a home). Opening the hot and cold faucet at the laundry tray in the basement will empty all the water out of the pipes. And if the main water valve is letting some water in the house (mainly because it is old and isn’t working correctly) it won’t go anywhere else but to that laundry tray.

What Will Happen to My Boiler?

And don’t fret about your boiler. It should have enough water remaining until someone can come and repair the leak. Just don’t wait too long!

When to Call the Pros?

If the leak is before the first valve in the home, then the water company should be called. You will know this because water will be coming through the wall. And if you can’t find the source or can’t stop the flow of water, you can call on Proudfoot Plumbing, Heating, and Air. We’ll come out and we’ll have the repair or replacement done quickly and with as little intrusion into your daily life as humanly possible!  That’s why we think you should choose us.  Call us at 1-412-461-2198.  We hope to see you soon; that is, only if you have an annoying leak!

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