One of the most common issues that Pittsburgh area homeowners have is problem-solving faulty home appliances like garbage disposals, dishwashers, appliances, and the like.  This blog will focus on your garbage disposal.

Why is my garbage disposal leaking?

Check all obvious locations where leaks begin. Use a flashlight to inspect for puddling, condensation, and other indications of water accumulation behind or under your garbage disposal for obvious signs of leakage. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, chances are your sink flange is to blame.

Another common reason your garbage disposal will leak is that you have not taken the time to perform maintenance on it. Whether you drain your dishwasher or drain your garbage disposal with a sink flange in place, there are specific things you can do to prevent leaks and ensure proper functioning. Some of these things include checking the water level of your drainage system, ensuring proper working order for your drainage pipe, cleaning and changing worn or damaged pipes, and inspecting and replacing faulty pipes. Why does my garbage disposal leak?

Have you checked the drain line?

Another explanation your drain line connection is leaking is because you’ve disconnected the drain line connection between your garbage disposal and your dishwasher hose connection. Removing the dishwasher hose will allow you to turn off your power to your garbage disposal and consequently, disconnect the drain line connection from your garbage disposal. This process will prevent the leak from continuing. You should do this as soon as you notice the leak since you may not have time to get the leak fixed before you run out of power.

As well as your garbage disposal will leak if you have not properly reconnected the drain line connection between your dishwasher and garbage disposal. To properly connect the drain line back to its original location, you will need to turn off your power, open the drain line connection valve, and place a large rag or towel over the drain outlet. Once you have done this, you can determine whether or not you need to call a plumber.

What tools should I use to repair the leak?

If your garbage disposal did not receive a professional cleaning, it will likely need professional cleaning to remove any water accumulation or dried food from the inside walls of the disposal. There are various cleaning solutions you can purchase from any home improvement store to help clean up the inside of your garbage disposal. If your leak is located near a faucet or outlet, you will need to clean the outlet by using a special cleaner made for cleaning plumbing fixtures. If the leak is in the garbage disposal itself, you will need to make sure it has been completely drained of all water and cleaned using a solution that is safe to use on plumbing materials.

Need to replace your garbage disposal?

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