Planning on reopening your Pittsburgh Business soon?

As a Pittsburgh based small business you probably never thought about closing your business and then reopening it.  It looks like we are headed to that time when reopening is something that needs to be planned for. The scientists and engineers at the Environmental Science, Policy & Research Institute (ESPRI) and AH Environmental Consultants, Inc. (AH)…

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Covid-19 Protection via Johns Hopkins University

During this time, we want to share a letter from Johns Hopkins University on avoiding the contagion Covid-19 so you can stay healthy.

At Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air, we don’t just care about the inner workings of our customer’s homes. Rather we care about our customers themselves! During this time of panic and uncertainty, we want to share the letter Johns Hopkins University shared on avoiding the contagion Covid-19 in hopes it helps you take better care of…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Special Statement

COVID-19: Compliance Measures We Are Taking At Proudfoot Plumbing Heating and Air, we take our customers’ wellbeing and the safety and health of our employees and the community very seriously.  We will continue to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 impact on our community. We are a life-sustaining industry, therefore, exempted from closure. We are…

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