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Why does my garbage disposal leak?


One of the most common issues that Pittsburgh area homeowners have is problem-solving faulty home appliances like garbage disposals, dishwashers, appliances, and the like.  This blog will focus on your garbage disposal. Why is my garbage disposal leaking? Check all obvious locations where leaks begin. Use a flashlight to inspect for puddling, condensation, and [...]

Why does my garbage disposal leak?2021-07-28T18:59:13-05:00

Plumbing Noises: What Should You Listen For?


No one likes to hear unknown noises in their home. You know the source most likely isn’t a ghost. And you, of course, remind yourself that when you hear those noises late at night. We’re here to give you that more reasonable, less spooky explanation. It’s your plumbing! We’ve put [...]

Plumbing Noises: What Should You Listen For?2021-07-28T19:22:37-05:00

Frozen Outside Faucets


It’s finally warm in Pittsburgh again! The snow and ice have been melted, but you may have an outdoor faucet that is susceptible to freezing. But if you haven’t experienced freezing faucets yet, now is the time to take them to prevent any future problems. […]

Frozen Outside Faucets2021-07-28T19:24:38-05:00
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